Recommended skin care regimen for anyone prone to itching and or eczema

1. Avoid:
* Potential irritants: E.g. dryer sheets and fabric softeners, alcohol wipes
* Products with fragrance
* Long, hot showers or baths
* Friction, rubbing, or scratching

2. Use gentle, fragrance-free, products:

* For soaps and cleansers: Use Dove unscented, Cetaphil, Cerave, or Vanicream
* For laundry detergent: Use All Free and Clear

3. Use moisturizers frequently:

* Preferably thick lotions or creams with hydrating ingredients such as ceramides, e.g. Cetaphil lotion or cream, Cerave or Vanicream cream (ointments work well mainly after showers).
* Apply moisturizer within a few minutes after bath/shower
* Moisturize your hands every time after you wash them